Wednesday, 20 August 2008

The BrightBlue Marketing Story

Put on your sunglasses, 'cause it's about to get brighter in the blog world...
Marketing welcomes you to the "BrightBlue Blog!"

Have you ever run across a person that does not have any stories to tell? (Stories about growing up, the dreaded family vacation story, stories about grandma and grandpa, etc.) If you dig deep enough, everyone has a story.

My point is, your company should have a unique and compelling story, too. It hurts my ears when someone tells me their company story is something like this... We leverage blah to be the best in our industry blah blah and have a leading technology blah and competitive edge blah blah in the enterprise sector blah blah.

Luckily for our blog readers, the BrightBlue Marketing team has enough stories to keep you entertained for years.
I believe that you'll enjoy each and every one. Some relate to marketing experiences, some don't, and some will let you know how we go about creating unique and powerful stories for our clients (that won't hurt your ears.)

So, back to the introductions. Watch for a new blog entry every week from the brilliant BrightBlue Bloggers:

Cassi Rinehart
Erik Swanson
Larissa Gaston
Melissa Womack

Tracey Jackson

We hope you will take part in the BrightBlue Blog. See you next week!


Anonymous said...

Hello all you wonderful BrightBlue Marketing People. This is your MOTHER! I hope you are all doing well and happy! Just seeing your Web site makes me smile.
Have a wonderful day! Betty

Webmaster said...
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