Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Trading Places.

I've found that most people are able to sell/position someone else's company and effectively critique it, too. Yet when it comes to your own companies, isn't it the most difficult thing to do? Maybe it's because we are perfectionists. Or maybe we know so much about our own company, we expect everyone to read our minds and just get it. I love taking other companies through branding exercises, crafting their unique stories, writing their web content, and identifying their differentiators, but when it comes to my OWN company, I want to procrastinate. We are developing an exciting new BrightBlue Marketing online service and I finally took myself through our branding workshop exercise that we perform for our customers. It was actually fun! If you're in the same situation, try to look at your marketing materials from different points of view. Would your grandmother understand it? Your best friend from college? A teller at the bank? Trade places with them and see through their eyes. Betcha it'll be easier for you!

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