Sunday, 19 September 2010

Event Management – What does it mean to me?

Event Management is the phrase that stands between you and stress. It is what makes the difference between a smooth Conference or Marketing Event and chaos. Ok, you understand that, but what does that really mean when it “hits the floor”?
An Event Manager (or event management company) handles all the details and logistics of any type or size of an event that your company would like to participate in or organize. What is behind the scenes of event management? It is the vendors (caterers, photographers, entertainment, etc.), selections (site, food & beverage, entertainment, décor, etc.), logistics direction and the detailed management necessary to ensure everyone is in exactly the right spot, doing exactly the right thing at exactly the right moment. More than this though, it is the umbrella where everything that is an event resides.

When your guests are due at any moment and you have just received a phone call that the catering truck has broken down en route to bringing your order to your event, the event management company or contact within your organization is the one who knows what to do. They will contact the caterer to see if a back up is on its way or will jump in their car, find the broken down van, transfer everything to their car and make sure it is to your event on time.

When you want to participate in a conference in your area or even out of town, the Event Manager is the one who has your back. They can do everything from finding the best conferences for your ROI, help pick your booth location, design and set up your booth and booth graphics, suggest appropriate collateral for each target group, and help with all the last minute details throughout the conference for you. In addition to taking care of all the details of each event, your event manager is the one who can step back and look at the big picture as well. This means ensuring that your chosen theme or message is consistent throughout all the different parts of any event or conference. You can rest assured that the message you have chosen will be heard and seen throughout every detail.

By bringing in an event management company it will help free up your time to bring in additional sales. For more information on event management check out or

We would love to hear your experiences with event management whether it was within your company or with an outside Event Management company. There has to be some great stories out there – let’s hear them!