Monday, 28 March 2011

Are you a marketing do gooder?

This blog is brought to you by BrightBlue Marketing team member: Andrea Lamarsaude.

It’s always nice to be able to witness something amazing. I’m on the board of the DFW American Marketing Association. Two weeks ago the Dallas Social Media Club contacted us and asked if we could help promote an event they were putting together to raise money for Japan. The event was to be held March 24th. When they contacted us they had a name – Dallas4Japan and had posted it on ( and that was about it.

They still needed ways to promote the event, a venue, and sponsors to offset food and drink costs. We agreed to promote the event on our website and in our weekly event email but were worried for them that they would not be able to get everything to come together in just one week.

That’s when the something amazing happened!

Other marketing organizations quickly jumped on the bandwagon to lend a hand as well. Aloft Dallas agreed to host the event, Eventbrite DFW became a corporate sponsor and other companies soon followed. In just over a week a successful fundraising event was born! The capacity of our country and its citizens to rally together in times of crisis never ceases to amaze me and the Dallas4Japan event was a perfect example!

Have you or your company done something good lately?

Tiffany Monhollon, lead blogger for ReachCast, writes in her article Rallying Behind Social Good: 3 Lessons from Digital Response to Japan’s Earthquake Crisis, “Getting involved with social good is a great way for local businesses to support charitable causes they care about and to build goodwill within the community. Plus, it’s good for business.”

She offers three great tips (all of which the Dallas4Japan event put into play):

1. When supporting local causes and rallying behind social good programs, don’t just share the information on social networks. Use tools like Twitter hashtags, Facebook groups, and blogs to organize information from your company and from participants.

2. Make getting involved in your social good programs a social experience by hosting events and adding social elements to your awareness campaigns. Encourage attendees to invite their friends, making it easy through online event invitations using tools like Eventbrite or Facebook Events.

3. Offer and encourage different levels of giving and support for your social good programs. For example, ask people to donate their time, talent, and money to help support your cause both online and offline, but also make it easy to give a small donation by offering the ability to give small donations online and via text message.

We’d like to hear from you!

Is your company involved in social good programs?
If so, what are they?
What type of marketing campaigns have you launched to support them?
What works?
What doesn’t?

-Andrea Lamarsaude, Marketing Manager BrightBlue Marketing, President-Elect DFW AMA

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AndreaDallas said...

As a follow up - Dallas4Japan raised over $10,000 in 7 days for the Red Cross to support the Japan Earth­quake and Pacific Tsunami fund!

Here is a link to a timeline and some stats related to the event published on the Social Media Club of Dallas blog today -