Wednesday, 10 September 2008

and the award goes to...

Distinctive logos, eye-catching ads, insightful articles, engaging Web sites. We all see great work every day. There's a lot of it out there. But there's even more bad, or even worse, mediocre work out there. A lot more. So what separates the great from the not-so-great? Is it the designer or art director? Is it the writer, or the project manager? To be sure there are plenty of industry awards available for folks in these positions. Every advertising agency and design firm has a shelf ( or shelves) in their conference room displaying the awards they've won. But no matter how talented and visionary the creative team is, great work won't get done without a great client. A client who is as passionate about branding as the agency they hire. A client who is willing to empower their creative team to do the best work possible. A client who will not just hand off the work, but roll up their sleeves and jump into the middle of it. Ultimately, great work is done by a team, working together, everyone contributing to the whole. It takes a client willing to cross the line and think like a creative. And it takes creatives willing to cross the line in the other direction and think like a client. Then you really need to start adding shelves in the conference room.

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