Sunday, 7 December 2008

Amazon Renovates the Client Experience - Again

Remember when changed the whole process of buying books? Every little thing about buying a book was combined on the web to create the client experience – from book selection to having the book arrive at your door. The company set the bar for client experience of buying books on the web, then transferred their expertise to other product categories.

Now, Amazon once again demonstrates how to improve the customer experience by taking on the crazy, wasteful packaging we find on most toys and electronics. Coining the term, “Wrap Rage” to describe the frustration of unwrapping these packages, Amazon invented Frustration-Free Packaging.

Frustration-Free Packaging is a multi-year initiative in which Amazon is working with Mattel, Fisher-Price and other major manufacturers to eliminate the plastic-coated steel ties that require wire clippers to remove, the clam shell plastic you can hardly cut with scissors, and unnecessary plastic and styrene that holds pieces in place. This is all replaced with easy-open, recyclable boxes.

Hooray for Amazon for recognizing that the client experience doesn’t end with receiving the product and for being willing to take on such a challenging project. Wishing you a frustration-free holiday!

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