Thursday, 8 January 2009

Social Networking Advice For You In 2009: Dive in, but please come up for air!

The information available is out of control. It can be stressful trying to keep up with blogs, tweets, email, web sites, my TIVO and On Demand shows. But I vow to remain calm and not succumb to any addictive media behavior in 2009. Here’s my plan:

Work comes second. Learning comes first. At the start of each day, I’m going to open up our BrightBlueMktg Twitter account and check out one, at the most two, new recommended links to blogs or web sites a day. And then I’m cut off until my work is done.

I’ve found some really cool people to follow who have provided me links to articles that help me put this social networking in perspective (such as the Minimalist's Guide to Using Twitter... No more stressing about twitter! And it’s led me to discover the purpose of Twitter in my life. And that is to learn. To learn by continuously finding interesting new sources, staying on top of trends, listening in on brilliant people, and staying on top of hot news items.

I keep a list on my phone and PC of my favorite web sites, blogs and books plus those I want to check out. I highly recommend this! Through Twitter, Facebook and observing blogs, my list has grown tremendously. As a New Year’s present to you, I will share my latest and greatest finds:

Who I’ve learned from by following in Twitter ( Copyblogger larissagaston (One of our very own bloggers!) JesseNewhart

Cool sites I’ve recently discovered:

My recent great blog finds:
Mark Cuban’s:

So here’s to attaching your oxygen tank, flippers and the rest of your social networking scuba gear in 2009. Enjoy the dive, but please don’t forget to come back to live the real world after awhile!

Happy New Year!

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