Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Email From a Teacher

I’ve been having a difficult week personally because my wonderful, loving sister-in-law Janice is now in hospice care after fighting brain cancer for nearly two years. This comes on top of losing a lovely young niece to breast cancer just weeks ago. Being in a low state of mind, I opened my email this morning and saw two things that buoyed me up. First, I got an email from a Teacher. There’s an organization called www.DonorsChoose.org <http://www.DonorsChoose.org> where you can give any amount to help fund a teacher’s project. Through contributions, the Teacher was able to buy a set of Rachel Carson’s books called “Silent Spring” to help students in a rural farming community understand about overuse of pesticides. Getting the thank you from the teacher was such a warm fuzzy.

Then, speaking of warm fuzzy – I got an email announcing the new web site for TzuZoo at http://www.tzuzoorescue.com/ This is a dog rescue for ShihTzu breed dogs. It was only a few years ago I learned there are homeless dogs of every breed – gorgeous, friendly, sweet, huggable dogs. Why? Their owners die, or cannot keep them due to money challenges, or divorce, or owners get sick and families don’t want the dogs – all kinds of reasons. We rescued two ShihTzus from a family that had moved into their car due to economic conditions. So I decided to help by becoming a dog foster parent. Now I’ve seen our small, but effective rescue organization build their new web site which means more abandoned dogs will get new homes. I needed a couple of warm fuzzies today. Thank you to TzuZoo and DonorsChoose for allowing me to be part of a solution.

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