Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The People Issue

Recently, the entire BrightBlue Marketing team got together to discuss lessons learned in 2008. And surprisingly enough, not one of them dealt with a marketing topic. Every last discussion involved the people factor, which confirms the speech topic I chose for an upcoming speaking engagement: "Marketing and Psychology: Adjusting your behavior to get things done."

After working at Oracle for many years, I realized what a necessity psychology is in getting the job done. It's about finding a way for the competitive personality type to succumb to working as a team. How do you do this? Part of it is bringing out the best in people, making them shine in front of the others, keeping a sense of humor about yourself, allowing another person to express themselves, being sincere. You must address and master the people issues to be successful.

It's hard work, trying to keep the interest of the internal team as well as finding a way to captivate the attention of your target audience. Eventually, however, positivity begets positivity and everything falls into place with an audible click. And sure enough, things get done.

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