Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Stranger On the Plane

I just hung up the phone with an extremely intriguing and beautiful lady who calls herself a diva. She reminds me a bit of Bette Midler (I’m a huge Bette Midler fan.) She’d win my first place prize for the perfect people watching candidate. I was shocked to learn she resides in Keller, Texas outside of Fort Worth. Who would have thought a diva lives in the Fort Worth area?

How did we meet? She sat next to me on my plane on a flight from Dallas Fort Worth to London Heathrow. We both would be visiting France that trip. She was extremely fun and very interesting! Reminds me why I LOVE traveling so much. My former employee at Oracle laughs at me because she says I come off every flight with a new friend.

The reason she called me on the phone just now? Not to reconnect after a wonderful 9 hour non-stop conversation (okay, we did snooze for a few hours), but she called to give BrightBlue Marketing a lead for marketing business.

You never know where you'll be when you connect with people - connect personally or connect in a business sort of way. Try opening up to a stranger on the plane some time. Good things can come out of it!

P.S. Some of the best marketing advice I've received is to always have your business cards with you. Whether you are on a bus, train, plane for personal or business, there is potential business to be discovered!

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