Thursday, 1 October 2009

You've got the POWER

I’ve written a blog on the subject before, but it bears repeating. The way you conduct yourself will make or break your business. You don’t have to be the CEO or the VP of Public Relations of your company, either. Every single person within an organization wields this power.

It reminds me of a woman my father worked with in the oil & gas industry years ago: Jackie. Her company worked with Dad’s for years. One day, they told Dad that Jackie was off their account and some newly minted MBA superstar would be the new rep. The company thought they were impressing Dad with giving him someone “better.” After working with the new person for several weeks, the company called Dad and asked how the new relationship was working out, if they could do anything better, how they could make him even happier. Dad said “oh, that’s easy. Put Jackie back on my account or I’m going to use another firm.”

They trusted each other, they liked each other and they worked well together. Jackie’s company made a tactical error: they did not consider Jackie’s longtime interpersonal relationship with Dad. He didn’t need anyone “better” with more letters behind his name or a slick presentation. He already had the best as far as he was concerned. Dad’s been retired for 7 years now, and he and Mom still go to NYC to visit Jackie, who never forgot Dad's show of support. They all chat on the phone from time to time, and the relationship that was built on trust, respect and affection has lasted well beyond anyone’s “usefulness” in terms of business. It’s in your power to pave the same road for yourself.

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