Monday, 30 August 2010

2 minds are better than 1

2 minds are better than 1... That’s our mentality at BrightBlue Marketing. One way I see this work is in our marketing approach of partnering. We’ve found it’s so much powerful to go in with others that can speak to your work and bring additional value with their offerings than going in by yourself. What you need to make a sale is credibility, and the right partnerships can bring it to you. Recently we partnered with Big Noise Communications, a PR and Media firm. With the power of 2, we’ve joined forces in business development, social media efforts and delivering great results for a couple of new clients! Plus we’ve come up with a few cool ideas in the form of think tanks (stay tuned for future blogs that will highlight our upcoming think tank results!)

Another form of 2 minds being better than 1 is the collaboration that can take place within your team. We work together using the strengths of everyone, the creative ideas of all to enhance our marketing efforts and client’s marketing campaigns. One of our team members is one of the world’s best event planners! And she stepped in to help another team member on a client account. Have you thought of pulling your best minds together on projects instead of assigning it to one person? When have you done some bus development together with a partner? We suggest you put a couple minds to it and get started now!

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