Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Mobile Marketing - QR Codes

This week’s guest blogger is Tom Walter, Principle of Marketing Services at Sir Speedy of Addison. They provide printing and marketing services designed to help companies grow. Products and services include traditional printing, copying and mailing services as well as value-added offerings such as web to print solutions, integrated direct marketing tools, and promotional products. Sir Speedy helps companies meet their business growth objectives from lead generation, customer retention and reactivation to brand management.


Today’s consumers are increasingly becoming more mobile. Are you effectively getting your message to them? A new and increasingly popular way to reach and measure the effectiveness of integrated marketing campaigns is with a quick response (QR) code.


A QR code is one of many mobile tags used to bridge the gap between offline and online media. QR codes are two-dimensional “bar codes” that can transmit several types of information such as a Web URL, a phone number, email or simple text message. QR codes trigger an action such as launching a browser to a web page, video, or special offer. A smart phone equipped with a 2D bar code reader (app) and Internet access are all that are required to experience the advantages of mobile tagging with QR codes.


The opportunities for QR codes are endless. You can incorporate them across a variety of media—business cards, brochures, fliers, direct mail, print ads, posters and signs, car wraps, t-shirts, websites and more. QR codes can be used alone or with personalized URLs, coupons and other response tracking methods.

QR codes can:
•Deliver an integrated marketing experience for your targeted mobile audience
•Measure the effectiveness of various media and your ability to reach mobile users
•Better integrate offline and online campaign components
•Improve the perception of your company and brand as a progressive marketer


Whether you use one general QR code for a campaign or media type or several, personalized for each of your prospects and customers, we can help you instantly track and measure the responses you’re sure to get from using QR codes to reach mobile users.

For further information, contact Tom Walter at tom@sirspeedy4043.com

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