Thursday, 2 June 2011

In the Wake of Tragedy….

Helplessness. That is the overwhelming feeling that I have had watching the news stories in the last few weeks. As the weather has turned deadly across our nation many of us are wondering what can we do and how can we help. As a company this is a question you should be asking as well.

What can you do as a company?

Here are some ideas to get you started in thinking how your company can help:

Do we have an office nearby?

If so, send some people as volunteers to help with clean up, searching, caring for those in shelters, etc.

If not, have a blood drive at your office designated for the victims of the storms.

If you have an empty office or warehouse space then offer it to the Red Cross or other organization for storage, office space for their workers, or a place for sheltering victims.

Do we have some financial resources we can spare?

Send money to the Red Cross to help them with everything associated with these tragic storms.

Are you a small company with little man power and/or financial resources?

Set up a blood drive for the community to participate in.

Set up a fundraiser of some sort to raise money for the victims of the storms or one of the organizations that are helping them.

Does all of this sounds like it takes to much time?

Then how about launching a campaign where a certain percentage of your sales for a given period of time will go to the storm victims or an organization that will help them.

How much you do is not really the point, it is just that you do SOMETHING.

Finally, I would like to make one more point:

Is this good PR for your company?

Yes, however, this should not be your motivation for helping your community when it is in need. It is easy to see through wrong motives and that is never good for any person or company.

Do Something, but do it Sincerely!

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