Friday, 7 August 2009

It's Showtime Seriously!

A blog is the perfect place to store your notes from an event and share with others! I’d like to give you a bit of insight on an Event Planning Web Seminar series that BrightBlue Marketing is doing with the Oracle Academy and the Oracle Accelerate Office to help their partners sell in the midsize space.

The first of the three part series is called “Taking the Event to a Deeper Level” Using the Event to Drive Sales, Reach Prospects and Follow-up.

The title of the entire series, “Showtime Seriously”, reminds everyone that you must take an event seriously, but at the same time you want to entertain, educate and be memorable.

A few tips from the first Web Seminar in the series: “Taking the Event to a Deeper Level”

Start your event planning by asking yourself 6 questions: Who? What? Where? Why? When? and How? In this first seminar, we address the Why, the Who, the What and the When…

Why – Why will people care? The big so what of the event! Have a draw.

Who – Quality over Quantity is the key. Postpone your event if you don’t have the ideal target audience in your list.

What – The meat of the event: The presenter, the delivery by the presenter, and the presentation!

When – When not only involves When the event takes place, but how often you plan on touching the prospects. Read more about our 6+ philosophy on our BrightBlue Web site capabilities page:

In order to be successful, you must follow-up, persistently and consistently!
And don’t forget to end with a Call to Action! Our call to action is for you to email us if you are interested in watching the web seminar series and we will send you an invitation:

BrightBlue Marketing will be rebroadcasting the event web seminars to all that want to listen in September. For Oracle partners, the web seminar series is posted on the OraclePartnerNetwork. These web seminars expand on the above providing you with examples and fun stories!

Stay tuned next week for more tips on “Driving Attendance”!

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