Monday, 24 January 2011

A Case for Automated Marketing

BrightBlue Marketing is honored to share a 2 part series of blogs from a respected colleague, partner and guest blogger, Brint Driggs with Brint Driggs and Associates. Read on for some educational information on Marketing Automation!

Why has IBM, Google, Adobe spent billions of dollars in the race to dominate the web analytics market?

The answer is simple: Traffic, conversion and new revenue.

These are age old challenges. How do I get more of my ideal customers to visit my business (on-line or off-line), how do I get them to reach into their pockets or purses, pull out their money and hand it over to me…and walk away thrilled for having done so.

The Internet has matured as a verifiable channel for filling your sales pipeline with pre-qualified prospects. With this maturation, the need to apply science and, well, technology to your web strategy is becoming more important than ever.
Companies spend billions every year trying to capture prospect information in hopes of closing immediate business. This is great and all very necessary; however, what percentage of this ‘new’ traffic is actually being monetized? Most would say that if a business could successfully convert 5% of this traffic to verifiable transactions, they would be thrilled...and rich.

While this is all fine and dandy (and necessary!), my inquiring mind has to ask the question:
"So, what are you doing with the 95% of the prospects that you're not successful at closing right away?"
The answer that I hear (and see) most of the time goes something like this "uhhhhh, not much. We try to follow up with them but most of them, quite frankly, kind of fall into a black hole and end up on some unused, rarely utilized database located somewhere on our servers."

Does this sound familiar? Does anything about this scenario sound crazy to anyone else but me?
Let's see, we're spending thousands, if not millions of dollars trying to get our ideal customers to visit our website and 'opt-in' to some sort of compelling offer...but yet, we're content to let 95% of that investment languish and die a slow, unprofitable death because we haven't figured out a way to efficiently or effectively follow up and nurture these types of prospects.

The Final Frontier

We’re now able to automate pretty much every aspect of our business. Our financial and accounting processes, our manufacturing processes, our operations, our recruiting and hiring…the list goes on-and-on! Some form or fashion of technology has now been applied to pretty much every facet of our business and in many instances has enabled increased efficiencies and, while some would argue this, technology has also increased our effectiveness.
We’re now seeing a number of great solutions that are enabling businesses, large and small, to automate many of the marketing functions, which historically, have been very time consuming and inefficient.

In the next few posts, I’ll explore more about marketing automation and will provide reviews of some of the tools that have emerged that are helping businesses incubate and nurture the ‘languishing 95%’ in order to build more powerful sales pipelines and to drive more new revenue.

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