Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Wrestling Match at the "Corner Drug Store"

I’m not one to wrestle. However, the only thing stopping me from wrestling the supervisor at the “Corner Drug Store” (let's call it the “CDS” for short) today was me being only 5’2 and petite.

After recently relocating to Austin I am still unpacking boxes and today I came across my cherished ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. This cleaner uses ammonia, but was bone dry in order to make the move. During my lunch break today, I stopped by the “CDS” to pick up some items and while there I remembered that I needed the ammonia. It was easy to spot in the cleaning supply aisle because the store was fully stocked with huge jugs of it all in a neat row; all clearly marked with price tags. Keep in mind that this was not just one bottle stuck on a random shelf somewhere in the store.

After waiting in line to purchase my items for some time (only one cashier trying to serve all of us that decided to buy something at the “CDS” during our lunch hour), a Supervisor came over to help speed things along and I happened to be next in line. As I placed my items on the counter, he asked me (rather abruptly), “Where did you get that Ammonia? “ I thought the question a bit odd, but I simply told him that I had gotten it on the cleaning supply aisle with the other ammonia. His response was again an odd one, “We do not carry that brand. I’m going to talk to my manager.” After what I assume was a conversation with his Manager about my apparently “rogue” ammonia, he returns and announces, “You can’t buy that Ammonia. It’s not our product. We don’t sell it.” This was just a bizarre turn in my otherwise normal day since I had simply grabbed some ammonia off a well stocked shelf of the same. My pleas for the wanting to still purchase the errant product fell on deaf ears and I was forced to leave knowing I would have to go another day without clean jewelry.

Have you ever been to a store that wouldn’t sell you something that was neatly stocked on their shelves complete with a price tag?

All my sales training friends out there cringing as I tell my tale- contact me as I will put you in touch with the “Corner Drug Store” immediately – they need you.


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