Monday, 3 January 2011

A Marketing Birth Announcement for 2011!

Happy New Year! We have an exciting announcement to make that will provide you with an energized start to your marketing efforts for 2011...

Have you built a new product or service from scratch or been part of the process?
Some might say giving birth to a new product or service is worse than giving birth to a human! Do you agree?

Well, after all the hard work, sweat and tears shared by me, my designer, Karen Lang, and our wonderful web developers at WarbWeb, I’m proud to say it’s finally here:

Welcome, Virtual Marketing Outreach! (

We feel like proud parents announcing the newest member of the BrightBlue Marketing family: Virtual Marketing Outreach (His nickname is VMO)!

You will have access to our best genes… Each of us applied our years of marketing/web/design experience and lessons learned to ensure VMO has all the best practices worked in.

A little bit about our boy VMO… The best way to describe VMO is as a “Marketing in a Box” Lead Nurture Program -it’s an exciting new way to reach your contacts, prospects and clients on a consistent basis. That way you will stay top of mind when they are ready to buy!

VMO can take the form of many activities… By providing you a variety of marketing activities to choose from each month, the chances you’ll get your message heard and remembered is increased. Depending on the package you choose, the menu will include:

Direct mail postcards,
Email Bulletins,
Industry letters,
Press Releases,
Success Story Postcards,
LinkedIn Activities, and
Thought Leadership Activities

For each activity VMO makes your life easier by providing
A wide variety of design variations
Several branding color palettes for you to choose from
Written content you can edit or substitute with your own
A connection directly with our printer so you can mail your activities to your lists
BrightBlue Marketing experts on hand via our help line to answer all your questions, and help you through the process!

So please introduce yourself to our new family member VMO by going to Sign up for a year long relationship and receive a 10% discount!

Or if you are not ready to sign up and just want to chat, contact us by email at or go to

We look forward to sharing our marketing ideas with you!

A toast for 2011... May all your marketing efforts bring you tons of success in 2011!

Creatively Yours,
Candace and the BrightBlue Marketing Team

(This blog was written jointly by Candace Lopez-Miller and Karen Lang)


Tampa Design Guy said...

Refreshing, A whole new way to present the company, great job.

Candace Lopez said...

Thanks Tampa Design Guy! We appreciate the compliment.

MATTHEW said...

You caught my interest, Candace! What a great idea. I can't wait to look at it further a bit later today!

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