Monday, 18 April 2011

Just do something…

As I talk to people in business trying to find their way through the social media maze of this new marketing era, the thing I hear the most is, “It is overwhelming” or “I don’t know where to even start”. Well, let me help – just start somewhere and just do something!

Not very helpful is it? But in theory it really is. There are a lot of new options these days out there for marketing with the rise of social media including: Facebook, Twitter, blogging, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc., etc. The list seems to go on and on and if you are just jumping into the social media pool it can feel like you are sinking in the deep end. Well, I am going to throw you a floaty!

Grab the floaty, climb on out of the deep end, and walk to the other end of the pool and let’s take the steps in one at a time. Step one: Pick 1 thing in the world of social media to start with. For some of you this step may be overwhelming, but let’s make it fun. Write down all the options (or at least the options you know about now), put them in a bowl and just pull one out and that will be the one you start with. Or, look at the various options and pick the one that seems the most interesting, or fun, to you. Yes, I said “fun”! Marketing through social media really can be fun – I swear!

Do you like to write? Set up a blog (it is much easier than you think), and write about what interests you. A blog doesn’t need to be a sales pitch (and actually shouldn’t be) or an educational forum (unless that is what trips your trigger). Just write about what is happening in your world with your business. My personal “Biggest Blogging Tip”: just be yourself. You aren’t being graded by your English professor, you are being graded by the general public that wants your blog to be interesting to read, not a literary masterpiece.

Do you like to talk or play with the video camera? Set up a YouTube account (again, much easier than you think), and start being the “roving reporter” around the office. Interview people on what they are working on that week, or you can talk about something exciting you have going on or a new product you are launching.

Do you only have short bursts of time or can’t think of more than 1 sentence to write at a time? Twitter is for you! Tweets are just little 140 character tidbits of what is going on with your company that you put out there from time to time with an optional link to a website for more information.

Do you want to build a more social relationship with your customers, clients, partners, etc.? Facebook is for you. You basically have an ongoing, 2-way conversation with all those in your Facebook network.

Do you like the 2-way conversation but want to stay more professional than social? Go with LinkedIn.

There are many other options, but these are the big ones out there at the moment and don’t let the options overwhelm you. Just do something!

Pick one that sounds interesting, take 30 minutes (or less in most cases) to set up your account at whichever method you choose, then send something out to say hello to the world and let your employees, customers, potential customer, etc. know how to find you as you embark on your new adventure.

The most important thing to remember is to not try to jump into the deep end all at once. Start by getting your feet wet over in the shallow end by the steps. Once you get going with your first social media outlet and you feel comfortable with it, and then choose your next adventure. Before long you will be jumping off the high dive into the deep end without hesitation!

If you are new to social media – let us know which one you have chosen to start with and let us follow your progress!

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