Monday, 25 April 2011

Listen up! Is your company a best kept secret?

Why does your company spend money on marketing? Perhaps to get the attention of future customers and keep them away from your competition? Many companies try to do this by lowering prices to be competitive, but having a lower price doesn’t always attract new customers. You have to make your company and your product stand out.

What is something your company does that your competition doesn’t? Think about those little extras that you do for your customers and clients that your competition either doesn’t do or doesn’t advertise that they do. Once you get your special differentiator noticed, it will be very difficult for your competition to use that same angle.

This is known as the Unique Selling Proposition (USP). If you don’t know what your USP is then think about what your clients or customers say they really like about you or just ask them. Customers like to know that you care what they think and when asked, they will tell you. It may be the fact that your sales team sends a hand written thank you note after a first or large order, or maybe they like the short lead time you provide for delivery of your product or service, or specifics on how you go above and beyond for your clients.

Once you have your USP figured out then you need to get it out there!

Create a tag line and new messaging that incorporates your USP. Start a campaign that gets this new message out to reach your target audience via emails, blogs, direct mail postcards, etc.

A great tool to get your message out is Virtual Marketing Outreach. It can help save you an incredible amount of time by having the basic content for everything already written for you and all you have to do is adjust and personalize it to fit your company.

It is time for you to make sure your company is not the best kept secret. Find your USP and shout it to the world!

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