Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Why am I not doing this yet?

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Historically, video has been used by businesses and organizations to implement training programs, as well as creating sales and marketing tools. Video is still used for such purposes. The only difference now is that, with the technology innovation, the possibilities to reach an audience are almost infinite, making video an even more powerful tool.

The popularization of smart phones, tablets, better computers and the availability of faster telecommunications as well as new avenues of communication - such as social media sites - have created a new culture of communicating. People now want to learn about new things through the Internet, and they also want to “share” their experiences with huge audiences (their online friends and connections) instantly.

It has been said by some experts that the U.S. online audience is expected to grow to 190 million people by 1012. Additionally, 88% of the entire online audience is actively seeking out multimedia messaging in all forms…and I am one of them.

Not very long ago, I had the need to buy software to create storyboards for our video projects. So I started to research on the Internet for available options. There were so many websites, but just one of them had videos with demos of how good and easy the product is to use. Actually, many of the other software companies offered a free demo for download while this company did not. But after watching the video demos, the testimonials and the videos of the people who created the software, I was convinced and ready to buy the product. And when I purchased the software, it was exactly what I expected to be.

Imagine having the ability of starting a client relationship even before meeting the client. By the time the client finds you, he needs a reason to believe your company will fulfill his/her expectations. Video allows the client to find out more about your products and the REAL people who runs the company. Compare it to a company who just offers a website with lots of text and a few pictures, or maybe a brochure. Not very engaging, is it? With video you have the ability to convey more information in less time. People will also retain more information just because more senses are involved.

And here is more good news: a well-constructed video creates a bond with the viewing audience. A happy and impressed customer will volunteer to become your sales agent – for FREE. Apple Computer is the perfect example of this. Apple users love the product and cannot wait for their videos showing the new product features to be released. Even better, Apple users cannot wait to share these videos with potential new Apple customers.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. For example, a properly tagged video can generate lots of traffic to your website, which in turn will be picked up by the search engines and give you a better ranking every time someone does a search for your product. You can also re-purpose your video for multiple uses. A video presentation that you created for a conference, can easily be added to your website, shared on all of your social media sites, added to an e-mail campaign and uploaded to YouTube. The result is that you are reaching a much larger audience.

There are so many potential positive effects of using video in your business that you should be asking yourself: why am I not doing this yet?

-Silvana Rosero is a Principal and co-owner of Small Pond Video Productions, a full video production house based in Plano, Texas.

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